BPAF sponsors Summer Party for kids from the disadvantaged families and the Christmas Eve Party for the homeless held by local charitable organizations in Los Angeles area. 

本基金會贊助洛杉磯慈善機構為弱勢孩童舉辦之園遊會及愛心聖誕餐會, 基金會志工人員亦在餐會上服務, 傳達愛心, 讓社區滿了溫暖.

Community Support  


​​U.S.A. 美國 - Caterina’s Club

         Local Event Photos 社區活動相片 

Inspiring Stories of Giving  故事分享 

​​​​We support and encourage youth to GIVE time and make their communities a better place to live. 

我們鼓勵青少年志工為社區服務, 並支持其募款活動. 

​​​Taiwan 台灣 - The Aboriginal Children's Care House 


Let's embrace a selfless heart and make the world a warmer place. 

讓我們心存利他之心, 一同使這個世界變得更溫暖. 


China 中國 - An Altruistic Medical Team

• Promote selfless love through media and online communities. In particular, encourage young people to volunteer in their communities and help those in need.

透過社群網站與傳播媒體提倡利他之愛. 尤其鼓勵年青人從事社區志工服務,幫助有困難的人.

• Provide tangible assistance for disadvantaged and needy people through charitable organizations and crowdfunding platforms.