American and Chinese Youth Community Service Highlights  美中青少年社區服務展示

    It is our privilege to make booklets to highlight altruistic beauty, compassion and enthusiasm of youth from the United States of America,                     China, Hong Kong and Taiwan who serve their communities to help people in need. It is hopeful that through the bilingual booklets, they will               share, learn and encourage each other so that the virtue of good deeds will continue to flourish and make this world a better place.


​   本基金會製作的"美中青少年社區服務展示"小冊展示美國、中國、香港與台灣年青人共同努力而谱出的熱情美麗篇章。我們期盼,透過這一本


​​BPAF sponsors End of Summer Block Party for kids from the disadvantaged families and the Christmas Eve Party for the homeless held by local charitable organizations in Los Angeles area.   

本基金會贊助洛杉磯慈善機構, 為弱勢孩童舉辦之園遊會及愛心聖誕餐會, 基金會志工人員亦在餐會上服務, 傳達愛心, 讓社區滿了溫暖。

Inspiring Stories of Giving  故事分享 

Win-Win Community  雙贏社區

Joint Charity Outreach for indigenous families in need  攜手公益,幫助需要的原住民家庭。

Win-Win Charity Partners 雙贏公益夥伴

​​U.S.A. 美國 - Caterina’s Club


BPAF encourages young people to use their spare time to serve as a bridge in their communities. Through participation in the following activities youth could experience growth and create a Win-Win situation for themselves and the entire community.

Supporting Farmers  支持農民
Food is a basic need for livelihood of human beings. Farmers are the biggest contributors to the production of food.

Youth could participate in service-learning programs designed by local farms, learning hands-on farm skills, understanding the vital role that farmers play in our society, and ultimately forming an appreciation for the daily food at the dining table. Youth could donate their produce or purchase products from farmers and distribute to those in need. 

 Expressing Gratitude to Community Heroes  向社區英雄致謝
Safety of living is to guarantee the lives and property of all people. When there are fires and explosions, most people flee and run in the opposite direction. Firefighters, however, run towards them.

Police officers put themselves on the front line of dangerous and traumatic events. A simple "Thank you" to these heroes could lessen the emotional burden and brighten them up. In addition, there are volunteers who join the neighborhood watch program, share the workload at busy police stations, and serve as a second pair of eyes and ears to help the police. 

Young people could give thank-you notes or small gifts to these heroes to express gratitude and appreciation for their services. 

Helping People in Need  幫助弱勢群體
People who live in a caring community watch out for each other and help those in need, which makes the community harmonious. Youth could launch activities such as visit a nursing home to give the elderly a hand, or donate blankets to a homeless shelter, volunteer at a soup kitchen, tutor children during or after school, or anything else to make their community a better place.

Thank you from the BPAF scholarship winners. 本會贊助YVC志工受訓,增進其服務社區熱忱,青少年志工視頻回饋本會。

This video is designed to promote cultural exchange between Taiwanese and American youth and share the experiences about community service. 本視頻旨在增進台美青少年文化交流,並分享社區服務的經驗。

​​​Taiwan 台灣 - The Indigenous Children's Care House 

China 中國 - An Altruistic Medical Team


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